Useful Information
Preservation of newborn stem cells offers an opportunity to provide an additional health reserve for the child and its closest relatives.

Benefits of Preserving Stem Cells

Uniqueness of stem cellsAbility to continiously divide into new cellsRegenerative properties
Stem cells can be considered to be the ancestors of all human organs and tissues.Stem cells are able to continuously divide and transform into different types of cells, thus forming various tissues - muscle, nerve, bone tissue etc.Thanks to their unique regenerative properties, stem cells become the personal “construction” material, which is perfect for self-renewal of the body and the immune system.

Thanks to their unique regenerative properties, stem cells are the perfect personal “building” material, which is ideal for self-renewal of the body and the immune system. Umbilical cord blood stem cells, which are collected during childbirth, have been previously successfully applied in treatment of oncological diseases, cerebral palsy, diabetes and other conditions.

Over the past ten years, the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells in medicine has grown, and this trend has yielded positive results. There have been more than 30 000 stem cell transplants performed all over the world, and half of them have been performed on children. In addition, there have been 1365 cases of autologous umbilical cord blood stem cell use. Stem cell therapy, which is often referred to as “personalized treatment”, has several advantages over traditional treatment methods - for example, as in this case stem cells can be considered as “medicine”, the body does not reject them and there are practically no side effects.