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Cord blood banking in the First National Stem Cell Bank is a Unique Biological Insurance for the Whole Family

Blood that is left in the umbilical cord after the baby's birth is a source of  hematopoietic stem cells, which are now widely used to treat many serious diseases. It is a unique treatment method that is safe, harmless and it has a great potential for future use. 

IVF Riga Stem Cell Center is the first national stem cell bank in Latvia that provides umbilical cord stem cell collection, processing and cord blood banking, as well as cell preparation for future transplantation. These processes take place right here in Latvia, thus ensuring immediate stem cell availability and control in a clinic with the best reputation and highly qualified specialists. 

IVF Riga Stem Cell Center is provided with all necessary modern high-tech medical equipment. Stem cell sample processing is carried out only in sterile premises.

The staff of the IVF Riga Stem Cell is comprised of highly qualified specialists, who are constantly improving their knowledge. Our patients trust us with the future of their family, as we are the first national stem cell bank in Latvia.