Useful Information
Preservation of newborn stem cells offers an opportunity to provide an additional health reserve for the child and its closest relatives.

Why Choose IVF Riga Stem Cell Center for Stem Cell Banking?

IVF Riga Stem Cell Center offers:

  • The only national stem cell bank status in Latvia
  • Advanced genetic tests and molecular testing in the specialized laboratory of the  IVF Riga Reproductive Genetics Center, which is carried out with state-of-the-art technology 
  • The complex process of stem cell collection, processing and storage is carried out in one place - in the new IVF Riga Stem Cell Center laboratory
  • Equipment that meets the highest standards of modern biotechnology
  • Highly qualified specialists, who have undergone training in the most advanced stem cell banks
  • Concluded umbilical cord blood collection agreement with leading hospital maternity wards in Latvia
  • Easy and understandable umbilical cord blood collection and transportation procedure
  • Competitive stem cell preservation prices and various payment options
  • Central location - as our Stem Cell Center is located in Riga, parents have a unique opportunity to quickly obtain the necessary information about the state of their child’s stem cell sample. 
  • Delivery of umbilical cord blood samples to our Stem Cell Center is done in a way, that guarantees no loss of stem cells. Due to our location, we can provide a shorter transportation time to the stem cell storage facility, which is crucial for future stem cell viability.