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IVF Riga Stem Cell Center Provides a Healthy Future for the Whole Family


  • The umbilical cord blood sample is brought to the laboratory through the pass box, where it is disinfected and cleaned in order to avoid sample contamination.

  • Umbilical cord blood processing laboratory with HVAC (special heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to provide sterile conditions in the laboratory).

  • Stem cell separation method with Sepax automatic separator, which can separate up to 100% of the cells.

  • Qualitative analysis of the stored sample to determine the viability of the cells and the amount of the hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+, CD45+ markers).

  • Stem cell tissue compatibility testing (HLA matching) at the IVF Riga clinic Genetic laboratory.

  • Cell bank, where the processed samples are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196C for long-term storage.