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Sabīne Kondratjeva

Sabīne Kondratjeva

Cell Therapy - Medical Advancement or Marketing Myth?


A panel discussion on cell technologies titled “Cell Therapy - Medical Advancement or Marketing Myth?” will take place in Riga, on October 19, 2017. Leading specialists from Latvia, Norway, Austria and Israel will discuss their experience of applying stem cell therapy, as well as the related security control and ethical aspects. Latvian experts, who have had experience working with stem cells, are also invited to take part in the discussion. We will try to answer questions, related to the readiness of the Latvian medical society to accept new technologies, the application of these technologies in the near future and the resources needed for such development. 
“European and global medical community is increasingly focused on cell therapy as an option that makes personalized medicine more effective and affordable for every person. There have been more than 35 000 cases of umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants worldwide, and more than 500 clinical trials are being conducted in the use of stem cells as a part of a treatment programme for various diseases. 
“There are still debates regarding the safety of the treatment, as well as the sufficiency of research and experience. In addition, every country has a different regulatory framework and attitude towards stem cells,” says the initiator of the discussion Dr. Violeta Fodina. “For example, Spain has been developing its national stem cell bank for years, while Norway has been investing in stem cell therapy and research. And then there are countries where this type of therapy is not being developed at all. Our discussion will cover the reasons why stem cell technology is being developed, as well as common myths and prejudices against this type of therapy.”

The discussion will take place on October 19th, 2017 at 12 PM in Riga, Albert Hotel, Dzirnavu Street 33.
The following people will take part in the discussion:

  • Alexandra Aizenshtadt - Candidate of Biological Sciences (Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research, Oslo University Hospital, Department of Molecular Medicine, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Norway);
  • Dr. Moshe Israeli, Director of the Tissue Typing Laboratory (Rabin Medical Center, Israel);
  • Günther Löscher, (MTC-GmbH Management Consulting, Austria);
  • Dr. Violeta Fodina, Medical Director of IVF Riga, reproductology specialist, gynecologist-obstetrician (Latvia);
  • Eriks Jakobsons, Head of the Cell Transplantation Center at Riga Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Latvia.

The discussion will be a part of the 3rd Annual International Reproductology, Genetics and Biotechnology conference, organized by the leading Latvian center for genetics, reproductology and stem cells IVF Riga.
Cell Therapy - Medical Advancement or Marketing Myth?

  • Cell Therapy - Medical Advancement or Marketing Myth?