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Interlux European Tour 2017 Conference


On November 2, Interlux European Tour 2017, which was organized by “Interlux” Ltd., gathered more than 50 visitors, including leading specialists of IVF Riga Stem Cell Center and IVF Riga Reproductive Genetics Center. The first part of the conference was devoted to molecular biology. The specialists discussed the latest types of tests and their use in scientific, as well as clinical activities. Dr. Steve Hawkins (Bioline) gave an impressive lecture on miRNA technology and its use in diagnosing gastric, ovarian and breast cancer. The second part of the conference was based around cell biology and possibilities of sample storage. Dr. Sergey Nykulshin (Children’s Clinical University Hospital) gave a lecture on the use of flow cytometry in evaluation of stem cell quality. In conclusion of the conference, Martins Zemitis (European Commission) and Ilze Sile (Ministry of Education and Science) discussed the European Union Structural and Investment Funds until 2020 and after, encouraging scientists to write research projects. We would like to thank “Interlux” for organizing such an important conference and giving the opportunity to learn more about the latest technological developments.

  • Interlux European Tour 2017 Conference