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Midwife Marija Urbo

Midwife Marija Urbo

Patient coordinator Natalija Polukarova

Patient coordinator Natalija Polukarova

Free ONLINE seminars on childbirth preparation in December


Dear future parents!

We invite you to apply for a free ONLINE seminar on childbirth preparation. You will have a unique opportunity to listen to valuable and useful information not only about the course and duration of childbirth, but also about additional possible manipulations during childbirth, which you can take care of today!

During the seminar we will discuss:

* Predictors of childbirth

* How to prepare for childbirth?

* When to go to the hospital?

* Childbirth periods, duration

* Possible manipulations during childbirth - preservation of the newborn's valuable stem cells for family health!

December 8, in Russian at 11 AM.

December 10, in Latvian at 11 AM.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Free platform for the seminar -

You can apply by calling +371 26 600 533

  • Free ONLINE seminars on childbirth preparation in December