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Sabīne Kondratjeva

Sabīne Kondratjeva

Scientists Find New Ways of Using Stem Cells in Medicine


According to the Dutch scientist Robert Vries, scientists are finding new ways of using stem cells in medicine and their efforts have already shown positive results. 

“There was a long-held belief that stem cell division is an incredibly rare process that may not occur at all, especially outside of the human body or in a laboratory setting. However, this belief turned out to be false. In a laboratory setting stem cells began to quantify, and, what’s even more surprising, these cells renewed a mini-version of the organ, which we call an “organoid”,” says scientist Hans Clevers.

In all cases, the newly discovered technology - the growth of cells outside the human body - has proven to be incredibly effective. 

We offer a closer look at the news material prepared by a correspondent of the Latvian Radio News Service in Brussels, Ina Strazdina. The material showcases the portrait of European and international scientists, as well as tells the story of their invention, which changes both people and the environment, stopping seemingly irreversible processes.

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  • Scientists Find New Ways of Using Stem Cells in Medicine